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Masters -

shampoo/cut/blow dry                                                 $90+ +

Level 2 Stylists -

shampoo/cut/blow dry                                


DEVAcut - certified DEVA stylists

repeat clients - cut/shampoo/diffuser                     $115

1st time instruction - cut/shampoo/diffuser          $140

*please refer to stylists page for more details


Bang Trim                                                             

  $12 - $20

Undercut                                                                              $25

*if you feel a change needs to be made to your cut, it must occur within 4 days of your last appointment


Styling -



blow out with curls                                             


half up-style                                                                       $75+



Men's Haircut

4 weeks +

3 weeks

2 weeks

Buzz cut

Neck trim

* please arrive with clean hair for up-styles as there is a $50 up charge for shampoo and blow dry

Hotheads extensions available. Please call for free consultation.








Single Process-

retouch                                                                                    $90+

All Over (demi or permanent)                                       $105+

color balancing (tone or glaze)                                      $50+

retouch + color refresh                                                  $116+

extra charge per each color                                            $30


Double Process-

retouch                                                                               $133+

full head                                                                              $215+


Traditional Foiling or

Balayage - Color Melting                


partial (half head)                                                              $175+

extra charge per each color                                            $30

*custom color priced upon consult

 **if an issue arises with your color, contact us immediately. we allow 7 days to resolve it with our stylist.. 


We do not issue refunds

should you choose to add or change the tone after your service, a small re-toning fee will be applied.



Keratin Complex smoothing                                 


deep conditioning                                                               $48

Olaplaex (add-on per shot)                                           $27

Olaplaex Treatment                                                          $40

scalp treatment w/ hot towel                                         $35

*if an issue with your treatment arises, contact us immediately. we allow 4 days to resolve



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